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The Nuiances of Help with Academic Writing

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Crusade to Exterminate Vampires in Draculas Inferno by...

â€Å"For life be, after all, only a waitin for somethin else than what were doin, and death be all that we can rightly depend on† (73). Dracula, written by Bram Stoker, involves a small crusade to exterminate the threat of vampires, along with Dracula, the master. Throughout the book, Dracula is a cause for many of the problems, as his sins spread and cause other sins. The sins that are the foundation for the levels of Hell are represented through the negative actions of the characters in Dracula. Dracula represents the sin of Lust early in the novel. Jonathan Harker is at Carfax estate working out business of buying a house in London with Count Dracula. The Count informs him that bad dreams will haunt him if he sleeps outside of his room. Disobeying the Count’s information, Jonathan finds a room with a couch and falls asleep on it. He is awoken by three mesmerizingly beautiful women. All three had brilliant white teeth that shone like pearls against the ruby of their voluptuous lips. There was something about them that made me uneasy, some longing and at the same time some deadly fear. I felt in my heart a wicked , burning desire that they would kiss me with those red lips. It is not good to note this down, lest some day it should meet Mina’s eyes and cause her pain; but it is the truth (39). Jonathan committed Lust, one of the lighter offences in Dante’s Inferno, although it is still punishable by being in Hell. He was soon to be married to Mina, but had a yearning to be

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French Terms for Ib Sl French B - 8316 Words

Vocabulary List General and Topic Areas 1 to 5 GCSE French OCR GCSE in French: J730 OCR GCSE (Short Course) in French Spoken Language: J030 OCR GCSE (Short Course) in French Written Language: J130 This Vocabulary List is designed to accompany the OCR GCSE French Specification for teaching from September 2009  © OCR 2010 Contents Contents French GCSE Vocabulary List French Vocabulary List General 2 3 5 12 12 21 28 28 31 36 36 37 40 40 42 48 48 51 Topic Area 1 Home and local area Life in the home; friends and relationships Local area, facilities and getting around Topic Area 2 Health and sport Sport, outdoor pursuits and healthy lifestyle Food and drink as aspects of culture and health Topic Area 3 Leisure and entertainment (includes†¦show more content†¦it doesnt matter however certain / sure luck thing from (a person) half so / therefore dozen equal equally / also, too still / yet again space sort / kind on purpose time much idea there is / are day thing / whatsit handle manner / way make / brand even / same thank you middle mixed less (than) / minus month half medium / average means / way (brand) new neither new Page 5 of 52 French Vocabulary List General nul numà ©ro occasion doccasion occupà © oui particulier pas pas encore pas mal de peut-à ªtre plein plupart plusieurs plutà ´t pointure presque pressà © principal(ement) privà © quand mà ªme quant à   quart quelque chose quelque part quelquefois raison / raisonnable rà ©el rà ©gulier (de) rien salut seconde semblable sembler seul seul / seulement si suffisamment suivant / suivre supà ©rieur sà »r surtout tant tant mieux tant pis tas tel / tellement tiers tous les deux tout le monde unique utile / utiliser vÅ“u voici voilà   volontiers vrai / vraiment y compris no good number opportunity second-hand occupied / busy yes particular step not yet a fair number of perhaps full majority several rather / quiteShow MoreRelatedAims of the Participants and the Peacemakers : Wilson and the 14 Points2334 Words   |  10 Pages11th Grade IB DP History (SL) | Research Paper | Aims of the participants and the peacemakers : Wilson and the 14 points. | Word Count: 1495 | I. Introduction On January 8, 1918, during the Joint Session of the American Congress, Thomas Woodrow Wilson, announced his Fourteen Points to try to ensure permanent peace, bring a speedy end to the World War I (WWI) avoid another cataclysmic conflict as such.[1A] The other allied powers tacitly and cautiously accepted Wilson’s plan as a template forRead MoreMathematical Exploration of The Tower of Hanoi1873 Words   |  8 PagesIB SL Mathematics Internal Assessment: Mathematical Exploration of The Tower of Hanoi Mathematical Exploration: Tower of Hanoi History of Puzzle The Tower of Hanoi was invented in 1883, by French mathematician, Edouard Lucas. Sometimes referred to as the Tower of Brahma, the creation of the puzzle was inspired by a Hindu legend, where the puzzle was used for the mental training of young priests. The priests were given a stack of 64 gold disks, each one a little smaller than the one beneathRead MoreHec Montrà ©al Admission4589 Words   |  19 Pagespour expliquer votre cheminement scolaire. Je suis en train de passer ma dernià ¨re annà ©e scolaire secondaire au lycà ©e Intisana à   Quito. Au mà ªme temps, je suis inscrit au programme du BI (Baccalaurà ©at International) dans les matià ¨res suivantes  : Anglais B NS, Histoire NS, Espagnol A1 NS, Économie NM, Mathà ©matiques NM, Systà ¨mes de l ´Environnement et Socià ©tà ©s NM, et Thà ©orie de La Connaissance TK. Expliquez comment le programme choisi devrait influencer votre carrià ¨re. Le programme B.A.A trilingue estRead Morepaul hoang answers72561 Words   |  291 Pagesfor the encouraging words that many of you have passed on from around the world. In the final installment, I have put together answers/solutions to all 217 case studies. I hope you will find these solutions as a useful starting point. As with all BM mark schemes, the solutions in this Answer Book should be used with caution and flexibility. Students who take an alternative approach to the suggested solutions should still be credited where appropriate; teachers should use their professional

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Employee Discipline free essay sample

The disciplinary procedure should follow four rules: * The employee must know the nature of the problem. * The employee must know what he or she must do to fix the problem. * The employee must have a reasonable period of time in which to fix the problem. * The employee must understand the consequences of inaction. Employers must create a discipline policy that will not limit their right to enforce appropriate disciplinary measures. The law requires employers to match the discipline to the seriousness of the offense. The challenge for employers is how to reconcile being consistent in the application of discipline, but still take into consideration the specific facts which tend to make each disciplinary incident unique. Evaluate these 4 criteria when determining the most effective level of disciplinary action: 1. The severity of the offense. 2. The employee’s past performance record. 3. The employee’s length of service with the organization. 4. The organization’s past practice when dealing with this situation. Progressive Discipline Progressive Discipline is defined as a series of disciplinary actions or teps that are progressively more severe leading to improvement of performance or termination from employment. It is usually a set of circumstances or warnings – three strikes and you’re out. The primary purpose of progressive discipline is to assist your employees to understand that: * An opportunity exists for improvement or, * A severe performance problem may exist Companies should consider using the progressive discipline system. The progressive discipline system normally begins with the recruitment process and continues through orientation, training, performance evaluations and daily supervision. A progressive discipline system consists of the following: * A verbal warning * A written warning * Suspension * Termination Misconceptions about progressive discipline! There are many misconceptions concerning progressive discipline. Many employees feel they are entitled to disciplinary measures prior to being terminated. In most cases where at-will employment is the rule, progressive discipline is not a RIGHT; but an opportunity, offered by the employer, to correct performance on the job. It is not a RIGHT unless promised in an employee handbook, collective bargaining agreement or a public, municipal employer. â€Å"At-Will† is the law â€Å"At-will† is the law in every U. S. State (excluding Montana). Employment is at-will unless the employer has taken some type of action to introduce a different policy in the workplace of for a particular employee. An employment relationship for no specific duration may generally be terminated at any time, for any reason or for no reason at all, at the will of either the employer or the employee. The phrase at-will is just another way of saying at the will of either party. In other words, at-will employment means, the job will last as long as both parties wish it to continue and it will end when either party wants it to end. Accordingly, under at-will employment, the employee is not guaranteed a job for any specific period of time. The employment contract between the employer and the employee (any agreement regarding the job, pay, benefits, duties, etc. ) can end at any time. Simply put, the employer may terminate the employee at any time, and the employee may quit at any time. When employees are at-will employees, an employer does not need a reason to justify termination. These employees may be fired for any reason or for no reason. However, employees cannot be fired for an illegal reason, such as unlawful discrimination, refusing a supervisors sexual advances. While to following may differ from state, the below activities may be applicable: * Disclosure or refusal to disclose wages * Voluntary participation in alcohol or drug rehabilitation programs * Refusal to authorize disclosure of medical history or records * Jury duty Political activity * Military service * Volunteer firefighting * Refusal to patronize employer * Refusal to commit illegal activity * Absenteeism caused by attendance at childs school regarding a suspension * Absenteeism for a childs school or daycare activities * Domestic violence victim taking time off to obtain a restraining order, receive care or counseling, or to relocate * Refusal to disclose arrest records that do not lead to co nvictions * Refusal to take polygraph test * Enrollment in adult literacy program * Refusal to participate in abortions Consideration for employment without regard to results of blood tests for AIDS * Serving as election officer on election day * Healthcare workers exercise of statutory duty to report apparent victims of abuse or neglect, without suffering discharge or discipline Some employees are not at-will and are promised some type of job security. If employees have been promised that they will not be fired unless certain conditions are met, the employer must comply with these promises or face a claim for wrongful discharge. Similarly, a discharge may be wrongful when an employer violates an employees procedural rights. For instance, some employers promise employees a formal hearing, a certain number of written warnings, or some other process before they are finally terminated. If an employer fails to carry out these preliminary procedures before firing an employee, the firing may be considered a wrongful discharge. The courts also limit employers rights to terminate employees at-will. There are several instances where employers are not able to terminate an employee at will: * Discharges in violation of public policy. * Discharges that violate the â€Å"good faith and fair dealing† principle. * Discharges that involve breach of contract. Discharges for employee seeking rights under applicable law. * Discharges for cooperation with any investigation. * Discharges for testifying or future testimony in any action brought under appropriate law. Termination under these circumstances is wrongful and often results in a wrongful discharge suit. Each Employee Is Unique Each employee is unique and prog ressive discipline should not be used in a â€Å"cookie cutter† type approach. Progressive discipline should be used in a case-by-case basis, designed to fit each unique situation. Typical steps in a progressive discipline doctrine may include the following: Counseling employees about performance issues and obtaining feedback on the employee’s understanding of the requirements * Verbal warnings or reprimands * Documenting verbal warnings in an effort to improve performance * Provisions for suspensions, etc. After the above offers no resolutions to the problem terminate employment of an individual who refuses to improve. Be fair in all employment practices. Terminate with confidence by preserving the â€Å"at-will† employment status of employees. Termination Terminating an employee can be one of the greatest risks an organization faces. The vast majority of lawsuits filed against organizations are employment related, and the majority of these stem from improper discharge actions. Employment-related litigation is becoming more common, and employees are recovering larger and larger verdicts. Employers should regularly review all of their personnel policies and procedures, as well as employee handbooks and other written personnel documents, to ensure that no promises or statements are being made that could be construed as a binding employment contract. All employers should publish written disclaimers that preserve the employment-at-will relationship. Finally, when terminating employees, an employer should confirm that its action is uniform, consistent and fair. Whenever possible an employee should be given advance warning that particular behavior or continued misconduct could result in termination. Fairness, honesty, and candor with employees are the keys to defending against or successfully avoiding employment-related lawsuits. Conclusion The above is but a brief synopsis of the complex issues and potential risks that might arise when organizations decide to discipline and / or terminate employees. Obtain all the facts, plan before you act and be careful! Strong â€Å"At-Will† policies and careful pre-termination analysis go a long way in reducing the potential for privacy-based employment claims. Philadelphia Insurance Companies has created an alliance with yourHRdepartment (HRD). YourHRdepartment, Incâ„ ¢ provides HR training programs and other materials to all EPL Policyholders to assist the policyholders in reducing their exposure to employment practices liability. This can be accessed through www. losscontrol. com to find out more information. YourHRDepartment. com

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Managerial Prerogative Essay Example

Managerial Prerogative Essay There are still ongoing arguments on whether managerial prerogative should be practise by manager without any external interference from states, trade unions and employees. Human Resource Management (HRM), described by Boselie (2009) is using the human resources through high performance work practises which increase an organisation’s competitive advantage (p. 93). Boselie’s reference to high performance work practices indicated strong highly control through managerial prerogative. This paper stressed the importance of interventions from trade unions and state tribunals as supported by Nissan (as cited in Godfrey, Dale, Marchington Wilkinson, 1997, p. 3) that the consequences of allowing managerial prerogative on issues such as recruiting, selecting, training and development reduced teamwork commitment, loyalty to organisation, skilled employees The unitary theory (HRM) enforce managerial prerogative, one source of authority where decision makings should be done by management solely which employees have to obey the decisions management made. Trade union’s intervention (Bray Warring, 2006, p. 46) is considered as the inhibitor force due to the effect of collective bargaining on an organisation. On the contrary, Oakland (as cited in Godfrey, Dale, Marchington Wilkinson, 1997, p. 559) argued controlling others is not an effective approach. Pluralistic approach pointed out the need for interventions as conflicts are inevitable. There are always issues to be address and solve. This is where trade union’s step in when managerial control undermines employee rights. We will write a custom essay sample on Managerial Prerogative specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Managerial Prerogative specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Managerial Prerogative specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Trade union negotiates with management regarding the concerns voiced by employees. At times which management tend to neglect as they emphasised on efficiency and standardisation as well as profitability. There are several examples incorporated to illustrate the downside of practising the HRM approach. First off is Australia. The Howard Government â€Å"Workplace Relations Act 1996† has replaced Keating (Australian Labour Party) Government awards with enterprise agreements. The enterprise agreements encouraged individual bargaining contract agreements whereby increasing managerial prerogative. Bray Warring (2006) argued the righteousness of the individual contracts because different employees will then have different pay systems in regards to overtime or weekends or public holiday’s rates (p. 55). The question is whether employees have a choice to accept or reject the offer? Management has made unilaterally decision making when making that offer to employees. In result, teamwork is damaged consequentially of individual pay system Collective bargaining was reduced during that era. Beaumont Harris (1996, p. 392) agreed that HRM removes collective bargaining. Collective bargaining (Gardner Palmer, 1997) is the mutual agreement after trade union and management discussed and negotiated after issues such as remuneration and workplace environment. Barneveld and Nassir (2003, p. 29) pointed out that the individual contracts reduced labour costs as the centralised awards system were ignored. The inequality pay system caused an employee to have lower wage reduced more as compared to fellow colleagues with position and skills. A trade union as described by Perline and Poynter (1988, p. 28) is the solace to fight this inequality as the power of collectivism made their voices stronger in attempting to solve their issues. Therefore, bargaining experiences as Walton and McKersie (as cited in Beaumont Harris, 1996, p. 400) emphasised should be share for the benefits of employees. The shared bargaining experiences are the key towards creating effective teamwork beneficial for problem solving of all parties involved. Understandably, the current econom ic environment, all organisations have to manage effectively and efficiently at the same time using low cost inputs. In order to do this, an organisation has the choice to either hire skilled labour or machineries. Using hire skilled labours for example, in order to attract these people to work in that organisation, a manager (Tsui Wu, 2005) offers lucrative pay to attract the individuals to come and work with the selected organisation (p. 119). When these happen, manager will do further cost cutting through redundancies or wage cuts to accommodate the new recruitments. This short term requirements, Mabey (as cited in Baker, 1999, p. 54) do not strategically fit to HRM’s objective as the approach that oversees long term benefits. The key to attract and retain candidates are to avoid arbitrary treatment by management. The pluralistic approach helps employees to fight this arbitrary treatment. Rhetorically, if training is carried out, on the long term run, current employees will be more multi-skilled. Therefore, the redundancies and wage cuts can be avoided. Organisation does not need to increase labour wages as Goux Maurin (as cited in Grip Sieben, 1997) discovered that training has no real effect on workers’ wages (p. 2). A worker’s wage does not oversee any increment from the training when firm’s paid for it. Either the firm delivered on the job training or off the job training. In addition, the skills of the workers are not rewarded according to their relevance for the productivity of the firm. A worker’s computer skill may be advantageous towards firm’s productivity but nonetheless, a worker’s wage would not be given extra incentive just because he/she possess this particular skill. In other words, the unitarist approach in the organisation increased workers workloads. The downside of adopting this approach is that performance in workplace drop expressing weak psychologically commitment to the organisation. Secondly, loyalty to organisation is now replaced with a contract like economic exchange. In the end, management lose high performance and committed employees. In terms of health and safety issue, what happens when an employee refuse to work in hazardous work environment in fear of his/her personal safety? McDonald as all know is the biggest fast food employer with high labour turnover. Significantly, they are also overtly anti-union. There was a case where two youngsters, Tessa Lowinger and Jennifer Wiebe were exasperated with the unsafe working environment. Their repetitive consulting management on these problems fell on deaf ears. They joined a union because they believed on collectivism power is stronger compared to their individual consultation to management. However, when they were discovered joining a union, their wage was deduce to 25 cents an hour. HRM enforcement subjectively allows McDonald to ignore in ensuring employees safety and punished these two teenagers for joining a union and speaking up for better working environment (Featherstone, 2008, p. 4 5). The other disadvantage of HRM in terms of unfair dismissal can be shown through the case of Drapp and Nickens, former employees of McDonald (Featherstone, 2008, p. 5) who were dismissed because they organised strike. Ronnnmar (2006, p. 61) argued it is the breach of duty of obedience that allowed management to dismiss them based on â€Å"the employer’s right to direct and allocate work. † Yet, management was the one who failed to regulate the content of the obligation of work. Regulating the contract for management was proven to be difficult and economically inefficient to properly define the contract. Plus, it’s an â€Å"employer’s right to direct and allocate work and right of transfer,† disregarding employees sayings (Malmberg as cited in Ronnnmar, 2006, p. 64). Another party that intervene when dispute between management and trade union cannot be solve, by which both parties bring forth their case to state tribunals. It plays the regulatory tool (Peetz, 2005, p. 90) as it introduced legislation that all industries have to follow; keeping managerial prerogative under control. Gardner Palmers (1997) described the process of intervention where the first step is to coerce the defendant and plaintiff to try to come to terms into agreement. If failure to come to terms, arbitrator will make decision to settle the dispute. The decision of arbitrator will usually pass lawful code where it is mutually accepted by both parties (p. 189). Managerial prerogative can be exercise if there are cooperative communication between trade unions and management. Sirota et al. (as cited in Karnes, p. 196) corresponded â€Å"there is a strong positive relationship between employee morale and business success, as gauged by productivity, quality, sales, long-term stock market performance and many measures. Trust is the key to good employer – employee relationship (Tsui Wu, 2005; Hills, Madigan Scott as cited in Beaumont Harris, 1996). A business success is build up by the members (employees) in the organisation! Even machines require human labour to be operative. Another issue caused by managerial prerogative are inefficiency and decentralise decision making in an organisation (Kleiner and Bouillon, as cited in Schwoerer, May Ros en, 1995, p. 535). Nissan plant in Sunderland (Garrahan Stewart as cited in Graham, Dale, Marchington Wilkinson, 1997, p. 5) was supposedly practised empowerment yet employees pace were controlled by increas6ed workload with only short breaks to meet productivity targets. Productivity targets were met as management achieved cost effectiveness. Is this acceptable for employees where they were mislead on the truth? Implementing HRM is beneficial in the long run but only with employer and employees involvement in structuring those organisation’s plans/objectives. However, HRM requires a necessity of intervention from external parties to keep the managerial prerogative’s power exercise in an objective manner. Employees are motivated and be more innovative when they felt that manager or the organisation treat them decently and with respect. It is a matter of providing common framework, strategies that accommodate the knowledge of industrial relations and human resource management. To conclude this essay, it is simply a matter of trying to find the balance that satisfies all parties.

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A Primer on the Price Elasticity of Demand

A Primer on the Price Elasticity of Demand Price elasticity of demand (sometimes referred to simply as price elasticity or elasticity of demand) measures the responsiveness of quantity demanded to a price. The formula for price elasticity of demand (PEoD) is: PEoD (% Change in Quantity Demanded)/(% Change in Price) (Note that price elasticity of demand is different from the slope of the demand curve, even though the slope of the demand curve also measures the responsiveness of demand to price, in a way.) 2:48 Watch Now: How Does Price Elasticity of Demand Work? Calculating the Price Elasticity of Demand You may be asked the question Given the following data, calculate the price elasticity of demand when the price changes from $9.00 to $10.00. Using the chart on the bottom of the page, well walk you through answering this question. (Your course may use the more complicated Arc Price Elasticity of Demand formula. If so, youll need to see the article on Arc Elasticity) First, well need to find the data we need. We know that the original price is $9 and the new price is $10, so we have Price(OLD)$9 and Price(NEW)$10. From the chart, we see that the quantity demanded when the price is $9 is 150 and when the price is $10 is 110. Since were going from $9 to $10, we have QDemand(OLD)150 and QDemand(NEW)110, where QDemand is short for Quantity Demanded. Thus we have: Price(OLD)9Price(NEW)10QDemand(OLD)150QDemand(NEW)110 To calculate the price elasticity, we need to know what the percentage change in quantity demand is and what the percentage change in price is. Its best to calculate these one at a time. Calculating the Percentage Change in Quantity Demanded The formula used to calculate the percentage change in quantity demanded is: [QDemand(NEW) - QDemand(OLD)] / QDemand(OLD) By filling in the values we wrote down, we get: [110 - 150] / 150 (-40/150) -0.2667 We note that % Change in Quantity Demanded -0.2667 (We leave this in decimal terms. In percentage terms this would be -26.67%). Now we need to calculate the percentage change in price. Calculating the Percentage Change in Price Similar to before, the formula used to calculate the percentage change in price is: [Price(NEW) - Price(OLD)] / Price(OLD) By filling in the values we wrote down, we get: [10 - 9] / 9 (1/9) 0.1111 We have both the percentage change in quantity demand and the percentage change in price, so we can calculate the price elasticity of demand. Final Step of Calculating the Price Elasticity of Demand We go back to our formula of: PEoD (% Change in Quantity Demanded)/(% Change in Price) We can now fill in the two percentages in this equation using the figures we calculated earlier. PEoD (-0.2667)/(0.1111) -2.4005 When we analyze price elasticities were concerned with their absolute value, so we ignore the negative value. We conclude that the price elasticity of demand when the price increases from $9 to $10 are 2.4005. How Do We Interpret the Price Elasticity of Demand? A good economist is not just interested in calculating numbers. The number is a means to an end; in the case of price elasticity of demand it is used to see how sensitive the demand for a good is to a price change. The higher the price elasticity, the more sensitive consumers are to price changes. A very high price elasticity suggests that when the price of a good goes up, consumers will buy a great deal less of it and when the price of that good goes down, consumers will buy a great deal more. A very low price elasticity implies just the opposite, that changes in price have little influence on demand. Often an assignment or a test will ask you a follow-up question such as Is the good price elastic or inelastic between $9 and $10. To answer that question, you use the following rule of thumb: If PEoD 1 then Demand is Price Elastic (Demand is sensitive to price changes)If PEoD 1 then Demand is Unit ElasticIf PEoD 1 then Demand is Price Inelastic (Demand is not sensitive to price changes) Recall that we always ignore the negative sign when analyzing price elasticity, so PEoD is always positive. In the case of our good, we calculated the price elasticity of demand to be 2.4005, so our good is price elastic and thus demand is very sensitive to price changes. Data Price Quantity Demanded Quantity Supplied $7 200 50 $8 180 90 $9 150 150 $10 110 210 $11 60 250

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Discussion questions1-3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion questions1-3 - Essay Example The interpreter does not differentiate between exception and syntax error, it continues to interpret and execute the source code till possible. However, it stops interpreting where finds a syntax error with an error message. In this regard, it is achievable for interpreters to handle the syntax errors as exceptions to continue an execution of a source code/program even after the syntax error. Defensive programming is to investing more time in writing a secure program by validation of extensive of input, avoiding garbage values and standardization of exception handling. The defensive programming relates to variables as in the defensive programming we need to use naming scheme (preferably Hungarian Variables) begins with int, str and providing meaningful variables names. All the variables should be explicitly initialized to avoid garbage values, long script should be break into sections that facilitates reusability and makes easy debugging. Hence, it can be said that the defensive programming avoids not only syntax errors but also some semantic errors while using the above methods, so that when viewing variables the programmer explicitly knows for what purpose the variable is declared and used in a program. Spreadsheet model is one of the major business models that is ubiquitous and allow us to develop more complex and detailed models than traditional mathematics allows. It facilitates business communication especially performing modeling tasks and accounting statements in effective and efficient manner, as it is more-powerful and refined tool. This is the reasons for which spreadsheet modeling is high in demand of recruiters. Modeling helps us to make informed decisions in any business. We can model a system before its actual implementation to know any defect in the model, test the model and can identify pros and cons of the modeled system. Modeling can be used to investigate alternate ways of doing business, without investing in a